Agility Comes From Within: Building Adaptable Products and Teams

Join us Oct 7 @ 11am PT

Are your product and engineering teams energized, creative and running at a consistent cadence? Are they fueled by intrinsic motivation to do what it takes to deliver customer delight?  

If not, then no roadmap or project plan will save you. What if you approached your product development process using the PM skills you know to apply to a product and it’s market? 

Join us for a deep dive with Annie Dunham, Vice President of Product Management at ProductPlan and hear firsthand how her team transformed how they worked with each other. Learn how they shifted the team to focus on “why” over how and saw game-changing results.


annie-dunhamAnnie Dunham

VP of Product Management, ProductPlan

Annie Dunham is the Director of Product Management at ProductPlan. Annie has worked with product and engineering teams for the last 15 years to bring technology products to market. Prior to ProductPlan, she worked with teams at Elite Meetings, LogicMonitor, BlueCasa Communications, and Microsoft.

Dave_KarowDave Karow

CD Evangelist, Split

Dave has three decades of experience in developer tools, developer communities, and evangelizing sustainable software delivery practices. He has held programming, product management, and product marketing roles at Sun Microsystems, Gupta Technologies, Remedy Software, Marimba, Keynote Systems (Dynatrace), SOASTA, and BlazeMeter. Dave’s current passion is demystifying progressive delivery, especially the ways it enables better outcomes by removing constraints and building-in feedback loops.