Split x Drift Meetup

November 14th, 2019
Drift HQ // 6:00pm - 8:00pm

222 Berkeley St 6th Floor, Boston, MA


Can you really move faster, safer, AND learn more in the process?

We know you need to ship more often and drive the cost of iterating on ideas towards zero. Is it possible to grow even more nimble and lean, while maintaining safety? How have others managed to improve the velocity not just of shipping, but of learning as well? Are experimentation techniques used by massive internet leaders relevant and accessible to smaller startups, so they too can reduce time lost on dead ends and double-down on ideas that work?

Join us on November 14th for this panel of talented engineers, data scientists and industry thought leaders as we discuss how you can move beyond just observing release velocity to measuring and zeroing in on meaningful impact.

6:00 - Registration + Drinks

6:30 - Presentations by Ella Alkalay Schreiber and Maggie Crowley

6:45 - Q&A Panel hosted by Split Co-Founder, Trevor Stuart

6:45 - Chicken and Rice Guys + Drinks!

Our Speakers


Ella Alkalay Schreiber

VP of Data Science at Hopper

Maggie Crowley
Director of Product Management at Drift

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