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The Definitive Guide to Evaluating Experimentation Platforms

Key considerations and best practices to help technical teams get from evaluation to proof of concept.

Cover of The Definitive Guide to Evaluating Experimentation Platforms for Product and Engineering Teams by CITO Research

Product and engineering teams moving toward continuous delivery are at the same time investing in experimentation capabilities to measure the impact of feature releases. But few companies have the domain expertise and resources to build a full stack experimentation platform in-house. The result is often that teams have a mix of tools that are complex to use, require additional engineering time and do not allow for experimentation on all parts of the codebase. Many alternatives also fall short in the ability to target any sub-segment of users and do not make it simple enough to measure every feature release against all KPIs.

There are several platforms available that allow you to separate feature release from code deployment and measure features against KPIs. This evaluation guide is intended to help decision makers evaluate the most popular solutions and to understand the differences between them.

You will get the tools to:

  • Define the evaluation criteria and compare common options.
  • Set up a successful proof of concept (PoC).
  • Estimate the total cost of ownership (TCO) and assess the return on investment (ROI).

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