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Engineering teams often quickly go from just having a few feature flags, to way too many. Feature flags enable continuous delivery, dark launches, A/B tests, canary releases, kill switches, beta programs, and more.

It’s not long before the conditional statements littered through a codebase begin to chafe. Luckily there are some simple management techniques which help keep things under control. In this webinar continuous delivery consultant Pete Hodgson will introduce some of them.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • How to categorize feature flags
  • How namespacing flags can communicate flag status and ownership
  • Practical tips for keeping the number of flags manageable


Photo of Pete Hodgson

Pete Hodgson

Independent Software Delivery Consultant

Photo of Ed Sawma

Ed Sawma

VP of Product Marketing, Split Software

About Split:

Split is the leading platform for feature experimentation, empowering businesses of all sizes make smarter product decisions. Companies like Vevo, Twilio, and LendingTree rely on Split to securely release new features, target them to customers, and measure the impact of features on their customer experience metrics. Founded in 2015, Split's team comes from some of the most innovative enterprises in Silicon Valley, including Google, LinkedIn, Salesforce and Databricks. Split is based in Redwood City, California and backed by Accel Partners and Lightspeed Venture Partners. To learn more about Split, contact, or start a 14-day free trial at