Understanding Experimentation Platforms

Drive Smarter Product Decisions Through Online Controlled Experiments

Cover of the book Understanding Experimentation Platforms by OReilly and Split

Thanks to approaches such as continuous integration and continuous delivery, companies that once introduced new products every six months are now shipping software several times daily. Reaching the market quickly is vital today, but rapid updates are impractical unless they provide genuine customer value. With this eBook, you’ll learn how online controlled experiments can help you gain customer feedback quickly so you can maintain a speedy release cycle.

Using examples from Google, LinkedIn, and other organizations, Adil Aijaz, Trevor Stuart, and Henry Jewkes from Split Software explain basic concepts and show you how to build a scalable experimentation platform for conducting full-stack, comprehensive, and continuous tests. Along the way, you’ll learn practical tips on best practices and common pitfalls you’re likely to face along the way. This eBook is ideal for engineers, data scientists, and product managers.

  • Build an experimentation platform that includes a robust targeting engine, a telemetry system, a statistics engine, and a management console
  • Dive deep into types of metrics, as well as metric frameworks including Google’s HEART framework and LinkedIn’s 3-tiered framework
  • Learn best practices for an building experimentation platform, such as A/A testing, power measuring, and an optimal ramp strategy
  • Understand common pitfalls: how users are assigned across variants and control, how data is interpreted, and how metrics impact is understood

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