Visualize and Collaborate on Feature Flags with Statuses and Rollout Board

Join us September 1 @ 10am PT / 1pm ET

Feature flags bring major advantages to development teams seeking to move fast without breaking things. By separating code deployment from release, feature flags give developers the flexibility and control to deploy on their own schedule and gradually release features when ready. However, as feature flags scale across teams, it becomes increasingly challenging to manage and oversee everything in flight while keeping everyone up to date, leading to forgotten flags or stalled releases.

Split's new Statuses and Rollout board solve these problems by enabling development teams to organize and view critical information on all their feature flags and experiments in one place.
Join this webinar to learn how:
  • Statuses and Rollout board can drive developer collaboration and efficiency.
  • Users can assign statuses to indicate a feature’s stage in the release process.
  • Teams can use Rollout board to oversee all feature flags and experiments and quickly determine appropriate next steps for any given feature.

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Trevor StuartTrevor Stuart, Co-Founder, Split

Trevor Stuart is co-founder of Split Software. He has worked across the spectrum of operations, product, and investing in startup and large enterprise settings alike. He is passionate about data-driven innovation. At RelateIQ (acquired by Salesforce), Trevor oversaw product simplification efforts and worked closely with Split co-founders Pato and Adil to increase product delivery cadence while maintaining stability and safety.



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